Mahmood Schricker


"Iranian traditional instruments and vocals are successfully matched with the electronic elements employed by Shricker...The fragile sound of Schricker’s setar and the distinct melancholic timbre of various guest voices mix well with the electronics ambient and dub sounds....undulating vocal improvisations float elegantly over the electronic soundscape of evocative bleeps." ~ Neil Van Der Linden (Songlines Magazine)

Iranian born Mahmood Schricker emigrated to Canada at the age of 16. Through producing and collaborating with notable Middle Eastern artists, he steadily established himself as one of the keystone members of Toronto's thriving Persian-diasporic music scene. By transforming his setar into an electric version, Schricker is dedicated to creating new sounds and has focused on integrating minimal ambient and dub sounds with Persian melodies. His critically acclaimed 2012 debut album "Null" was positively reviewed by notable publications such as Songlines Magazine and Reorient.






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